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Komatsu OBS 200 Mechanical Press

Item Code: OBS 200
The OBS Gap Frame Press:
  • Designed for Superior Reliability and Consistency
  • Ideal for progressive or manual die operations
  • Superior deflection characteristics
  • Faster stopping times with actual digital display
  • Higher production rates in single stroke mode
  • Improved part quality
  • Improved die life

The Komatsu Warranty

When a press is desgined as a system, it should be expected to perform as a system without routine tear downs for wear items (the conventional "weak link" in other presses). It's as simple as 1-2-3...Every Komatsu OBS press comes with a full 1-Year parts and labor warranty on everything that moves or glows, an extended 2-Year parts warranty, and a 3-Year frame warranty! Unlike other manufacturers, there is no hourly limit - your press is guaranteed to perform 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With Komatsu systems engineering it's possible to extract the full potential from your press, and the full revenue from every job.

Tech Specs

Capacity                                220 Ton
Number of Slide Strokes       25 - 50 SPM
Slide Stroke                           9.84"
Die Height                             17.7"
Slide Adjustment                   4.72"
Slide Dimensions                  33.5" (L-R) x 25.6" (F-B)
Bolster Dimensions               57.1" (L-R) x 33.1" (F-B)


A Higher level of Standard Equipment For Increased Performance

  • Heavy plate, rigid frame and construction
  • U.S. standard bolster and slide machining
  • Pneumatic counterbalance
  • Single-piece, heavy duty cast steel slide
  • Push-button controlled, motorized slide adjustment
  • Precision grease (liquified) lubricated long 6-point gibs
  • Hardened and ground helical gears
  • High-efficiency AC inverter drive
  • High-torque wet clutch and brake
  • Quick-responding, dependable hydraulic overload protector
  • Shock resistant, pendant-mounted control
  • T-stand for easy set-up and operation
  • 10 Job memory
  • Safety block with interlock

Optional Features

Electronic Load Monitor  Load monitors are available to continuously monitor loads in all press operations, including blanking, bending, drawing, etc. The monitor also detects die overloads and underloads duing operation. In addition, balanced die load is achieved by measuring the off-center-load, thus extending press and die life.

  • Emergency Stop Receptacle
  • Die Cushions
  • Vibration Isolation Pad
  • Slide Knockout (mechanical)
  • Quick Die Change Equipment
    • Hydraulic die clamps available in either lever or cylinder type
    • Hydraulic die lifters
    • Mechanical draw out rails (note: re-machining of "T" slots may be required)
  • Presence-Sensing Safety Devices
  • Additional set of 4 Electronic Rotary Cams
  • Air Ejector with Cam
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Overload
  • Quick Die Change Interface
  • Coil Line Interface
  • Increased Job Storage Memory


Download Brochure Here: OBS Type 6 Series Catalog

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