Foot Switch Selection Guide

Foot switches can be used to turn electrical equipment on and off with the foot, freeing the hands to perform other operations or providing ergonomic improvement to a workstation.  Foot switch and foot pedal applications often require specific electrical ratings, enclosures, pedal actions, cables, and other variations.  When you're ready to order, contact us today with your specifications and we will make sure you get the proper switch.

Choose the Foot Switch That's Right for Your Application

  • Size and Shape Large or Small
  • Foot Switch Pedal Action Momentary or Maintained
  • Proper Electrical Rating Current, Voltage, Horsepower
  • Pre-Wired or Do-It-Yourself Cabling
  • Enclosure Rating Indoor, Outdoor, Hosedown, Etc.
  • Single or Multiple Pedal
  • Guard or No Guard
  • Appearance and Color


Safety and Selection WARNING: Before selecting or using any foot switch, read the foot switch safety warning.  Only the user can be aware of all conditions and factors present during the installation, operation, and maintenance of a foot switch and the surrounding work area.  Therefore, only the user can determine which foot switch(es) and which point-of-operation safeguards are required for a particular application or work station.  Review OSHA and other regulations before selecting or installing any foot switch.  Safety options can include guards to protect against accidental activation, anti-trip safety latches (G-Series only), enclosures ratings, and front access gates.

Model Overview

The shape (form factor) and function required by a foot switch pedal application will help determine which model will be needed (in addition to electrical requirements). Some considerations include size, weight, material, shape, enclosure rating, guarding options, and other factors.

Light-Duty Foot Switch (S-Series)

  • Good balance of size and function
  • Steel case offers toughness
  • Comes with cable
  • Home and shop tools, tattoo, office, medical

Medium-Duty Foot Switch (F-Series)

  • Medium size with tough die-cast housing
  • Added weight is secure under your foot
  • Cable or terminals
  • Home and shop tools, lighting, indoor factory

Heavy-Duty Foot Switch (G-Series)

  • Heavy-duty industrial foot switch for your toughest environments
  • Rugged housing won't rust or break if dropped
  • Water, dust, oil, splash resistant enclosure
  • Factory, metalworking, construction equipment, industrial, wet or dry

Light-Duty Foot Switch (B-Series)

  • Compact size with small footprint
  • Available with traction pad or mounting bracket
  • Home and shop tools, emergency vehicles, pushbutton

Dual Foot Switches (DS100)

  • Consists of two foot switches side by side
  • Can be fitted with a guard
  • Dual models are available for all product lines

Heavy-Duty Foot Switch (GX-Series)

  • Same as G-Series, but without the guard
  • Heavy-duty industrial foot switch
  • Water, dust, oil, splash resistant enclosure

Potentiometer Foot Pedals

Potentiometer Controls (L- & M-Series)

  • Variable resistance output in pedal-style housing
  • Momentary or maintained action
  • Comes with cable
  • Motor speed control when used with a drive

Potentiometer Controls (G700)

  • Variable-resistance output in heavy-duty housing
  • Water, dust, oil, splash resistant enclosure
  • User attaches the cable
  • Motor speed control when used with a drive

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