Save yourself time and money with these popular magnetic welding tools designed to improve your productivity and quality of work.

Magnetic Welding Squares

Magnetic Welding Squares are ideal for welders that need fast set-up and accurate holding of sheet stock or tubing.

Magnetic Welding Grounds

These powerful magnetic welding grounds have strong gripping power and magnetically attach to your ferrous metal work surface.

Magnet Print Holders

Hold papers, prints, charts and more to steel desks, partitions, machinery, etc. The strong magnet will hold through many layers of prints. Available in Rectangular and Round styles.

Magnetic Tool Holders

IMI's industrial strength magnetic tool holders can hold even your heaviest tools. Not all tool holders are built the same. When you're choosing a magnetic tool holder, make sure it can handle the job you need it to do.

Magnetic Welding Angles

On/Off Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles let welders set up, weld and quickly move on to the next project.

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