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Item Code: BM-1600
The BM-1600 is a time-based brake monitor that utilizes a high resolution encoder and controller to measure the brake stopping time in milliseconds and also the RPM/SPM of the press. The rotary encoder is attached to the subject machine and is driven on a 1:1 ratio by the power press crankshaft. The brake stopping time of the machine will be displayed on every stop and can be easily read on the bright red light emitting diode (LED) display on the front panel of the unit. The RPM/SPM of the machine will be displayed during the machine cycle.

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  • Control reliable design
  • Dual captive contact safety relays
  • Bright red LED display
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • Flat unobtrusive design
  • Drive failure detection
  • Motion detector
  • Automatic 90° press stop
  • Programming security with keyed selector switch
  • Very easy to program and to adjust limits
  • System self-diagnostics with display codes
  • External diagnostic display
  • System status indicators (LED's)
  • Solid state indicators - No incandescent bulbs to burn out
  • Designed specifically for the rigorous metal stamping/metal forming industry
  • Interfaces easily with all types of press controls; solid state or relay logic
  • Installs with ease on OEM, Retrofit, or Rebuild projects
  • Front panel mount for installation into an existing control panel
  • Safety relay controller built-in
  • Made in USA

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