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Item Code: Generation II RA-AP
Hydraulic Safety Restraint Cylinder / Manifold System:

Model #: Generation II RA-AP

The Generation II Ram Arrest system was designed and developed for the purpose of bringing hydraulic presses equipped with one (1) cylinder to the new CSA-Z142-10 code for mechanical and hydraulic presses. It incorporates a custom designed manifold that is attached to a hydraulic cylinder and is equipped with one (2) monitored (D03) safety valve per side that can lock and prevent the initiation of the press as well as the free fall of the ram should the main cylinder fail.  One manifold assembly is needed per side.


Detailed Features:
  • Incorporates valving required to safely support the Press Brake platen.
  • Complies to the Canadian Z142-10 code for Power Press Operation for hydraulic presses and US ANSI/OSHA B11.2-1995(R2000).
  • All ports will be SAE O-ring ports, no NPT ports on manifold or cylinder.
  • Attaches directly to the hydraulic restraint cylinder's ports.
  • Two (2) Generation II Ram Arrest assemblies are required per Press Brake.
  • The Generation II Ram Arrest assembly is static and dynamically tested prior to installation.

Included in the package per side:

(1)     High strength aluminum manifold block

(1-2)     Electric monitored directional safety lock valve, 4-way, 2-position, D03

(1)     Ventable counterbalance screw-in cartridge valve with bypass check valve

(1)     Direct operated safety relief valve screw-in cartridge

(1)     Check valve screw-in cartridge with 4 PSI spring

(1)     Check valve screw-in cartridge with 100 PSI spring

(5)     Pressure monitoring test connections throughout manifold

(AR)  SAE ORB fittings in ports D, T & V

(2)     Custom Hydraulic cylinder, 2.0" bore x 1" rod, SAE #10 straight thread ports, cap end clevis mount

(1)     Base clevis mounting bracket

(1)     Clevis pin

(1)     Rod alignment coupler, 3/4" - 16 UNF

(1)     Rod end mounting block

(1)     Manifold support bracket

(AR)  Hydraulic fittings to attach manifold to cylinder

The Hydraulic Safety Restraint Cylinder/Manifold is an engineered product, designed to work in conjunction with the BrakeMizer BMZ-1100-HRA as well as any safety PLC.

Key Benefits:

  • Self-contained manifolds with direct coupled cylinders.
  • The manifold is independent of the press.
  • Easy installation means minimized down-time and no extensive piping required.
  • Meets or exceeds the Z142-10 and Z432 04 requirements for ram arrest on a hydraulic press.
  • Restrains ram under stop and fault conditions.
  • Fewer manifolds used than competing systems.
  • Non-invasive installation.
  • Installs within one (1) day on most presses (not including installation of controls).
  • A minimal amount of hosing required for connection.
  • Minimized leak potential.
  • Systems can be easily removed and transferred should asset be sold.
  • Systems are factory pre-set and require no on-site calibrations.
  • Built-in control for ram drop prevention during upstroke via check valve.
  • Reduced weight (when compared to our previous package)

Package includes:

Universal Mounting Brackets and Hardware Kit

Clevis Mounting assemblies

Welded bracket assemblies (pre-drilled and tapped)

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