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Hydraulic Press Controls

Item Code: Hydraulic Press Controls
Metal Form Products Co. Ltd. can custom design a control for your press that meets all safety US ANSI/OSHA, B11.2-1995(R2000), Z142-10 and Z432 04 standards.
Controller Description:

The BMZ-1100-HRA is a control reliable, dual microprocessor fail safe based system designed to either replace or interlock with existing hydraulic presses. With built-in control reliability, you no longer have to purchase external safety relays to control or monitor such things as Gate Switches, Ram Blocks, Safety Lights and other devices needing dual channel monitoring. As well, this controller is preprogrammed and third party approved to monitor and operate the Hydraulic Ram Arrest System needed to comply with the CSA-Z142-10 US ANSI/OSHA, B11.2-1995(R2000)code.

Detailed Standard Features:
  • Control-reliable, Z142-10 Compliant design
  • Dual, dissimilar microprocessors
  • On board plain English scrolling diagnostic display
  • Remote plain English scrolling diagnostic display
  • Nine (9) dual channel inputs
  • Compact Din-Rail mountable design
  • Boot-Loader capable for software upgrades
  • Built-in light curtain mute control
  • Stroke Stop control at speed change. Also known as Pinch Point Stop
  • Mute and speed change point can be simultaneous or independent (where equipped)
  • On board safety relays eliminates the need for external safety relays
  • Compatible with single speed, dual speed presses
  • Compatible with units equipped with variable finishing speeds and tonnage
  • Compatible with single and multi-axis gauging systems
  • Key selectable "Hand, Foot, Hand Foot Through" feature
  • Bottom dwell where needed
  • Built-in anti-tie down circuitry
  • Two (2) Year Warranty
  • Built-in Hydraulic Ram Arrest control

“Clients Say”

Provide powder coating services, great quality, responsive to special requests. Highly recommend

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