Punch Press Automation

Metal Form is working with automotive suppliers worldwide in an effort to find new and innovative ways to improve their current metal forming operations. These suppliers are under ever-increasing pressure to boost productivity, reduce waste, and increase profits. Our partner AP&T’s conventional stamping and hydro forming solutions, along with its complete line of press automation, provide its customers with the latest technology with the reliability and safety of proven designs.

Our people are very knowledgeable about the products we provide and how to apply them to improve your production processes. We work with companies to improve their competitiveness in today's global market. Whether it is a complete new press line or automating an existing press, Metal Form can help you from part design to complete turn-key delivery.


Control reliable Clutch Brake with Automation, Brake Monitor, Cams, Die Pro, Counters and more.

Improve Productivity and Down Time at a Minimal Cost.

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Add Die Protection, Output Cams, Brake Monitor, Counters and more with the PressCam8

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PressCam8 Junior

Add Die Protection, Output Cams, Brake Monitor, Counters and more with the PressCam8 Jr.



Within our automation program, AP&T manufactures and markets one of the most complete programs for blank feeding and part handling during press operations. The program, which is based on modules, includes everything from destacking and blank feeding to robots and stacking of the finished details. We supply a well-developed assortment of accessories for these units, such as transporters, safety guards and grippers for details as well as functions like full-automatic changeover and gripper exchanges.

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